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Listen to the story of our son Shawnie, his trials and tribulations in a 6 part podcast series.

What is the Shawnie Bill?

Learn about the Shawnie Bill, its beginnings, and the effort behind an incredibly important piece of legislation. 

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Act now and help thousands of families by signing our petition to help push this bill forward into legislation.

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In The News

Shawnie's Bill Aims to Help Children With Severe Autism
By Ashley Cullinane,  NBC 10 News – April 13th, 2021

The Halajko Family

Listen to our podcast series

The Shawnie Story

This is a 6 part narrated series relating the incredible story behind a family whose trials and tribulations with an autistic son against a faulty system became the inspiration for the creation of a piece of legislation nicknamed the Shawnie Bill.

We have added our podcast series to a new platform called Adori. You can listen to our podcast on the Adori platform by clicking here.


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Click below to sign our petition through and help us make a change that will benefit families with special needs children for generations to come.

As parents of a special needs child/adult, we know first hand the challenges that parents face. More often than not we have found ourselves at what seems like a dead-end road. However, listening to other families tell their stories while sharing our own has helped us understand that we are all in similar situations, searching for answers to help our loved ones.

Sharing your story with us will perhaps shine a light on a family in need of hope. Send us your story and let us know if it’s ok for it to be posted here on our website and our social media.  

TSAG_Super Nub


Super-Nub is a crime fighter against child abuse and neglect. His incredible power and flexibility has allowed him to fight and escape multiple unsafe situations in our flawed mental healthcare system.

Shawnie Halajko has been and will continue to be our superhero. The trials and tribulations that this young adult has endured over the years has proven that he is not only a survivor but also a fighter as well as the inspiration behind the Shawnie bill. To learn more about Shawnie’s story go here

To listen to the Shawnie Story podcast and hear some of the unbelievable situations and events that have taken place throughout his journey please click here

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Our Team Members

Our team is always growing and is looking forward to meeting some new faces to help us fight and promote the values that are parallel to our mission statement.

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    Shane Halajko


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    Vice President

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    Cheryl Halajko


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    Frank Perez

    Director of Multimedia

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    Celeste Fournier

    Secretary/Financial Business Development

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    Nicole Navega

    Board Member / LICSW - Consultant

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    Michael Novia

    Media Relations

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    Steven Howitt

    State Representative

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    Legal Counsel

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    Tony Novia

    Executive Advisor

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    Stephen HALAJKO

    Co-Executive Advisor

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    Advocate / Volunteer

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    Maryellen Lane

    Advocate / Financial Business Development

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    Tony Azulay

    Honorary Advocate

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    Jason O'Hara

    Co-Honorary Advocate

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    Financial Business Development

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    Financial Business Development

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    Brainsky Levinson, LLC

    Business Legal Counsel

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    Kevin Harker

    Grant Writer

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    Board Member

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    Advocate/Lead Investigator

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    Lisa Halajko

    Financial Business Development

  • Katie Ferreira-Aubin

    L.M.H.C / C.A.G.S - Consultant

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    Kamran Khan CPA Inc

    Certified Public Accountant

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    Sean Miranda


Currently, the TEAM SHAWNIE ADVOCACY GROUP has multiple BILLS that have been submitted and Sponsored by our State Representative Mr. Steven Howitt.

TEAM SHAWNIE ADVOCACY GROUP is NOT a NON-PROFIT (501) (c) (3) organization. Any contributions are welcomed but they ARE NOT tax deductable.

If you would like to contribute to you can do so by clicking below. Your contribution will help our advocacy group fight against child abuse and negligence.