"It takes a skillful team of professionals to help families get the proper care and attention that their children need"

How can an Advocate help me?

If you find it difficult to understand everything that is going on around the care of your special needs child, an Advocate can help. If you have trouble speaking in front of committees or school boards, an Advocate can help. Advocates are there to make sure that your voice is heard, especially when you feel like you are getting no results and no one is listening. 

Our Team Shawnie advocates are dedicated professionals who are available to help you with many different tasks. Some are parents of special needs children and therefore understand the process as well as the right path forward. They can help you:

Stand up for your rights and those of your child to get proper treatment. 

Write letters and attend meetings with you to support you and speak on your behalf. 

Challenge decisions about your child’s care and support if you do not agree with them. 

Understand the pros and cons of different options.

Understand the care and support process.

Fee For Services

We have an amazing group of volunteers that help us spread the word about our mission. However, it takes a skillful team of professionals to advocate for families and get the proper care and attention that these children need. In order to hire such a team of professionals, we have established a fee for services. Please contact us for a free inital consultation.

*The Team Shawnie Advocacy Group does not want to discourage families that are currently experiencing financial hardship from obtaining advocacy services, particularly if they are confronting a crisis with their child services at this moment. So please, contact us so we can work together on a payment plan that can work for you.