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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible individuals who make recurring donations to the Team Shawnie Advocacy Group. Your ongoing support is a testament to your unwavering dedication and belief in our mission, and it empowers us to continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals on the Autism spectrum.

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Lima Law specializes in Residential Real Estate Closings throughout New England. Our focus is to ensure all buyers, sellers, and homeowners that are refinancing have the best experience when dealing with our office. We know these closings can be stressful. We want everyone to know that the Lima Law family of attorneys and paralegals are looking out for you and your family.


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Subway, MA - Steve Kut & Melanie Santos

Neil Waite - Pieces Of Autism

Celeste Fournier - Blu Sky Real Estate

Dr. Frank Casarella - Seekonk Dental

Mike Nadeau - First Home Mortgage

Ray Fournier - B&R Fournier Const Inc.

Charles Adams - Mortgage Equity Partners

David Johansen - Guild Mortage

Sholi Group LLC

CJ & Bette Moss - Moss Home Solutions

Brainsky Levinson LLC

Rocco Elgar - Home Front Building Inspections

Maureen Ribeiro

Cynthia De Medeiros

DeMedeiros Family

Anastasia Stande

Michael Schein

Tony & Cindy Azulay

Avery Silva

Rebecca Squire

Super Kicks Karate

Kristal Cabral

Luke Klegraefe

Douglas Eslinger

Diane Chapman

Jillian Johnson

Nicole Navega

David & Terri Urbanowicz

Jessica Garvey

Be a part of our Wall Of Caring

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When you donate you provide essential resources and support to our Autism advocacy group, enabling us to advocate for rights, raise awareness, and implement programs that positively impact the lives of individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Why Become a "Wall Of Caring" Donor?

Empowering Change

By becoming a donor of an Autism advocacy group, you have the power to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals on the Autism spectrum. Your contribution directly supports vital programs, services, and initiatives that promote awareness, education, and inclusion, empowering positive change within the Autism community.

Amplifying Voices

Donating to an Autism advocacy group amplifies the voices of individuals on the spectrum and their families. Your support helps raise awareness, advocate for rights and services, and drive systemic change, ensuring that the needs and perspectives of the Autism community are heard and valued.

Creating A Better Future

By investing in Autism advocacy, you are actively contributing to creating a better future for individuals on the spectrum. Your donation helps fund research, improve access to resources, and promote acceptance and understanding, ultimately fostering a more inclusive society where autistic individuals can thrive and reach their full potential.

How Do I Become A Donor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can simply just enter your credit card info and your secured payment will be processed. 

Yes, you can simply just contact us and let us know that you would like to cancel your recurring donation with the Team Shawnie Advocacy Group. Your information will be removed from our wall of caring in a timely manner. 

We do have a recurring payment option available at this time. You can be choose a monthly or yearly plan when you fill in your information. 

No. You can be a donor for as long as you can. It is important to remember that your donations will be used to financing the services of professionals needed in order to fight for the rights of families with special needs children. 

We do not provide any refunds on our plans unless there is a technical error accredited to us which limits our ability to display your information on our “Wall of Caring” page.  

Currently our recurring donations are on a monthly or yearly plan. However, you can donate at any given moment, without the need for any plan. 

Yes, if you update your linked information just simply contact us first and we will direct you on how to upload it. 

Absolutely not. We are grateful for donations and contributions from anyone. After all, these contributions will be used to get special needs families the help they need.